Saturday, March 26, 2011

Speaks for itself got any to send me ??????????


  1. During my first pregnancy I became fully aware of my beautiful titties. I always liked them but wow.... I told my girlfriends how I came when my baby suckled my breasts and they became enthralled with the idea they could make me cum just by playing with my titties. They were right... one girl on each nipple produced the most incredible big o of all time. Now I have to be careful or the slightest blouse/bra contact can get me aroused to the point of no return. I love my titties... they make me cum.

  2. Jesus is RITE ->
    <- LEFT is satan.
    Dont be a whorizontal lemming:

    death, judgement,
    Heaven or Hell come to all.
    Dats da fak, Jak.
    Im only a prophet
    withe prophit:

    Make Your Choice -SAW
    Im an real-life-NDE.
    I know what's up.

    Lissen2wisdom, earthling:
    This lifelong demise
    is only a test which God
    has produced 2C if we mortals
    have the kohoneys
    in the cranium, pal.

    If you dont
    and you wanna
    spend your time
    doing the five-finger-handjob...
    You lost
    your soul.